Why come to Africa to work during your retirement? No, this isn’t just out of generosity. This is a need to give a meaning to your life. This is a need to achieve something for others



As an operating room (OR) nurse working with Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors Without Borders (MSF), you can help ensure access to lifesaving healthcare for people in need. MSF OR nurses:

• coordinate and plan the activitiesof the OR, sterilization unit andanesthetic recovery area

• monitor quality and hygiene in the OR

• supervise and train staff

• support policy development

Locally-hired nurses provide direct care. Expatriate OR nurses are in charge of medical supply and ensure that protocols are respected and quality standards met.You will also participate in data collection and reporting.

Essential requirements

• full and current registration

• minimum two years relevant post-qualification work experience

• available to work two to six months

• experience in providing pre- and post-operative care

• experience supervising, training andmanaging others

• strong command of English

• relevant travel or work experience in adeveloping country or remote parts of Canada

Desirable experience

• relevant OR experience in pediatrics, maternity, trauma and orthopedic surgery

• experience in sterilization procedures (e.g. autoclave)

• proficiency with Microsoft Office software (especially Excel)

• knowledge of other languages, especially French and Arabic