A mass vaccination campaign against measles was launched in the Chadian capital on March 26th, following a quick increase of measles cases affecting children and adolescents.

The Sahelian belt of Chad is facing one of its worst nutrition crises in recent years. Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is calling for quicker and larger deployment of humanitarian assistance to meet the needs of the most vulnerable populations, particularly children under the age of five.

A long drought in Chad, followed by torrential rains, has destroyed crops, flooded wells and cut off villages. Weakened by malnutrition and without access to clean water, people are particularly vulnerable to outbreaks of cholera in the region.

Since the end of August, a cholera outbreak has hit Chad, with close to 5,000 cases registered so far. This outbreak comes on top of a severe nutrition crisis in the country. MSF teams are on the ground responding to this emergency situation.

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