The number of administrative logisticians with MSF in the field is limited. Therefore applicants that exceed the essential requirements and fulfill some of the desirable criteria have a greater chance of being selected.

MSF administrative logisticians support the medical and logistical teams by ensuring proper general administration within the project. Their work includes managing the stock warehouse and organizing the supply of necessary drugs and other medical and logistical materials. Other tasks include the processing of orders, bookkeeping and reporting, purchasing supplies in the local market and obtaining permits. The administrative logistician organizes the payroll and supports the hiring, training and supervision of national staff. They have frequent contact with local authorities and agencies, other MSF sections and nongovernmental organizations as required.


Essential requirements:

  • Minimum of two years relevant work experience
  • Skills in three or more of the following:
    • information and communications technology
    • supply management
    • bookkeeping
    • finance and administration
  • Available for 9  to 12 months


Desirable criteria:

  • Knowledge of other languages, in particular French
  • Previous overseas work experience in humanitarian organizations