Interview with Lisbeth List:

Médecins Sans Frontières are helping out at a Ministry of Health hospital in Vavuniya. Over the last forty-eight hours, more than five-hundred wounded have arrived at the facility -- double the number of people who were previously admitted over the course of a week. Listen to Lisbeth List is the Medical Coordinator for MSF at the Vavuniya hospital describe the chaotic situation on the ground to CBC Radio's As It Happens.

Interview with Paul McMaster:

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Paul McMaster is working along with another Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) surgeon and Ministry of Health staff at Vavuniya hospital in the Northern province of Sri Lanka to treat some of the tens of thousands of civilians streaming out of the Vanni, the conflict zone to the north. Over the last few days an estimated 60,000 civilians have escaped the heavy fighting in the Vanni and many wounded have been brought in busses to Vavuniya hospital. On April 21, MSF reported treating 400 people in 36 hours, almost twice as many patients as were admitted the previous week. The following day, patients continued to arrive at these levels, said Dr. McMaster.

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