Photographs by Lynsey Adarrio

Foday - MSF ambulance driver "I am Foday Kpaka, this is my 16th month for MSF as a driver. Ambulance driver; this is a life saving job, so you have to rush just to save these lives. The road conditions are very bad, sometimes, you got to run just to save these lives and, really, it's not easy." Jeneba - Patient "I feel pain from the back downwards. They said there was no sign of labour. Because I had once had a ceasarian section they said I should come here here to Gondama hospital. Thanks be to God that I had a safe ride in the ambulance. The nurse next to me talked to me nicely until we arrived in the hospital. He held my hand as we entered the hospital. The other nurses attended to me very fast. The other nurses attended to me very fast. They referred me last night to come to Gondama health centre to stay for three days and if the pain continues they’ll find another option. Whatever child God gives me, I will appreciate if he or she will live." Betty - Obstetrician Gynecologist "My name is Betty Raney and I’m 57 years old, I’m an obstetrician gynecologist from Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. I’ve been here in Bo for five and a half months. I think its completely different here, the cases are different, the patients are different. Most of the case are much more severe and urgent and life threatening. Through our interventions here at GRC, we in the obstetrical unit, we have managed to reduce the maternal mortality rate in this Bo area by 61%. We don’t need a state of the art facility to achieve this goal, it doesn’t require a large investment in this area. The worst part is seeing the deaths and knowing that we cant save everybody. The best part of my job is feeling that I make a difference and just experience the gratitude that I get from my patients." Foday - MSF ambulance driver "Sometimes the patient is almost about to deliver. She shouts, shouts, shouts. The good part of the job is when we save patients, I come with the patient safely, no death. That’s the best thing, I feel so happy I have saved lives."

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