Will also start clinic to offer aid. Today members of the 11-person Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) team in the area in Japan devastated by last week’s earthquake and tsunamis are working in evacuation centres with local medical staff in a small, isolated community in Miyagi prefecture.

“There were two local doctors in Minamisanriku  who have been working in around 20 evacuation centres since the earthquake and tsunami, so team members today assisted them in their consultations,” says Emmanuel Goue, emergency coordinator for the MSF team.

MSF staff plan to start a small clinic in another town near Minamisanriku today, using drugs donated yesterday. Once additional medical resources from the extensive Japanese relief efforts arrive, MSF will try to find other pockets of communities who may need medical assistance.

Japanese authorities continue to devote enormous resources to the relief operation that began as soon as the tsunamis receded.