November 21, 2014

After a new case of Ebola was detected in the Malian capital, Bamako, on November 11, the international medical organization Médécins Sans Frontieres/Doctors Without Borders (MSF) has reinforced its team and expanded its activities to help stop the disease from spreading further.  

Swift and coordinated action is of paramount importance in stemming any new outbreak, especially in the first days after a new case is detected, MSF warns. So far there have been six reported deaths in Mali during the outbreak, four of people confirmed with Ebola and two of suspected cases.

One patient with Ebola who was being treated at MSF’s case management died today. A patient with suspected Ebola is currently admitted in the centre, which MSF  is running in collaboration with CNAM, Mali’s national disease centre. 



MSF is training Malian staff from CNAM in the management of Ebola cases, while overseeing the setting up of an ambulance system for transporting patientsorganizingsafe burials. MSF is also involved in tracing the contacts of those who may have been affected by the disease, in coordination with the Malian authorities and the World Health Organization.

Meanwhile an MSF team has travelled to the area bordering Guinea, where new cases of Ebola have been detected, to determine the needs in the area.

MSF’s activities in Bamako were reinforced last week with a team arriving from Kayes, where the first Ebola case in Mali was detected. 

UPDATE: On November 21, MSF reported that a member of its international staff was evacuated from Mali following an injury while working with a patient infected with the Ebola virus.


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