April 20, 2016


Welcome to the Spring 2016 issue of Dispatches, the Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) Canada magazine, which brings you stories about MSF’s lifesaving work delivering emergency medical care to people in need.

We are excited to share with you this latest edition of the magazine. Not only does this issue continue to bring you essential stories and discussions from the front lines of MSF's lifesaving work around the world, but it also marks the introduction of a new, digital version of the magazine that has been optimized for reading on desktop, tablet and phone.

Our supporters have often told us that the stories they read in Dispatches provide a crucial connection to MSF's humanitarian medical care in the field. But many have also asked for a version of the magazine they can read and share more easily online. That is why we are proud to make this new, digital Dispatches available alongside the print edition we send to our supporters across Canada.



Taking the lead from our readers

In our last issue, we asked Dispatches readers to tell us how we can do a better job of sharing MSF's stories. True to form, you responded with engagement and insight. Many readers sent in encouraging replies: “Keep up the good work,” wrote  Bill Broadley of Victoria, BC. “Of all the magazines I read, Dispatches is the one I read cover to cover,” said Katherine Teller of Winnipeg.

But many of you also pointed to some opportunities for improvement, especially in terms of format — such as creating an electronic version of the magazine. “I know how much it costs to print and distribute a magazine like this one, and I would definitely read it just as much if it were delivered directly to my inbox,” wrote Nicole Beauchemin of Montreal. Maurice Avoine, also of Montreal, pointed out that the ability to read Dispatches on a mobile device would make it easier to “inform people who do not receive the magazine in the mail.”



A new digital publication

In light of those suggestions, we are proud to introduce an online version of Dispatches that includes everything from the print magazine — but will also let you share the stories you read about MSF’s work in the field using whatever device you choose.

The print edition of Dispatches, meanwhile, remains an essential way for us to remain connectd with our supporters across Canada. “I value the print version of Dispatches not just for its content, but also its format,” wrote Tanja Randoja of Cannington, Ontario, expressing a common sentiment among many respondents. “For me, the web is a place I go to access quick information, or as a distraction.  When Dispatches arrives in the mail, I put it aside until I have time to sit quietly on my couch and dive in.  I am able to meditate on the plight of so many less fortunate than I, learn about new areas of concern I may not have thought of previously, and celebrate the positive stories of MSF workers making a difference.”

Thanks to all the readers who wrote in and contributed to the development of this new platform. Your feedback shouldn’t end here: Please send replies, suggestions and letters to the editor to dispatches@msf.ca; our supporters are a vital component of the work MSF does, and are an important part of MSF’s voice in Canada and around the world.


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